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This website is devoted to a documentary film about Chopin's letters. The selection of letters written by the composer to his family and friends between 1830 - 1849. Learn more about the subject through this website and possibly order the DVD for your further enjoyment.

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"... immensly moved by its story, which was displayed with immense artistry. With each frame I was intellectually nourished. The movie remained dead-center in the realm of art, as it never touched ne'er slightly in the arena of profane sentimentality. The fidelity of the piano performances bears no peer when I compare the many recordings that I have heard. In sum, the movie is a jewel--touching, artistic, subtle enough that I wish to rewatch it several times once again. Memorable it remains with me." - Robert Harrison (Indiana University - Jacob School of Music).

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A most welcome and timely documentary about the relationship between two Polish men and their homeland. One is the world renowned 19th century composer - Fryderyk Chopin, and the other a contemporary pianist performing Chopin's music. Both of whom lived abroad and feel a great passion for their homeland. They greatly miss Poland, but they are given no other choice. They have to go on with their lives and work in France and America. A fascinating and powerful portrait of Chopin's music and its impact on a man who followed the composers' steps 150 years later. A unique film production that especially projects beautifully of the places in Poland where both musicians were born and grew up. Exclusively filmed on locations in Żelazowa Wola, Warsaw, and Brochów, Poland. The entire concept of this film does not resemble any previous motion picture portraying Chopin's life outside Poland. It is a deep introspective depiction of the composers' thoughts and mindset while living in exile. A perfect blend of the written word, music, drama, passion, nostalgia, and hope for the future. A true jewel for all admirers of Chopin's music.